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Fruits set Diamant by Saint-Louis


Fruits set in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Diamant, the feet and the hand holder are decorated with diamond tips. Including a covered bowl, a ladle and six small cups. Too old to be signed.
Rares tiny scratches.
Bowl height: 6,97 in
Diameter: 6,46 in
Ladle lendth: 9,25 in
Cup height: 2,44 in
Diameter: 3,50 in.
Weight : 92.91 oz

In the case of a handwork production there may be small variants from an item to another, like the size or the pattern. Some items can also have some small defects ( more important defects are noted in the advertisement), like air bubbles, cut or engrave defects...
Crystal Saint-Louis Set 20th Diamant

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