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Flowered breakfast cup by Dartigeas

Breakfast cup in Limoges china decorated by the workshops Dartigeas with polychromes flowers.... more info...

25 €

Tea cup with japanese pattern by Haviland

Tea cup in china of Limoges by Theodore Haviland decorated with a Japanese pattern of polychrome flowers.... more info...

15 €

Moka cup gold flowers Limoges

Moka cup in china of Limoges with a hand painted pattern of gold flowers.... more info...

25 €
Qty : 3

Six dessert plates Tors by Haviland

Set of six dessert plates in Limoges china by Haviland patten Tors decorated with boughs.... more info...

90 €

Tea cup with parrots Limoges

Tea cup in Limoges china decorated with a frieze of birds of paradise and flowers on the periphery.... more info...

20 €
Qty : 6

Vase cobalt blue and gold Limoges

Vase in china of Limoges decorated with gold frieze of flowers, bees and borders an a cobalt blue background.... more info...

100 €

Coffee cup June Bride by Haviland

Coffee cup in china of Limoges by Haviland pattern June Bride decorated with bouquets of flowers inset, with friezes of flowers and gold borders.... more info...

25 €
Qty : 7

Six dinner plates gold inlays by Chastagner

Set of six dinner plates in china of Limoges by Chastagner decorated with a frieze of laurels in gold inlays.... more info...

120 €

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