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Bowl Cléo by Saint-Louis

Bowl in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Cleo with an engraved pattern of foliages.... more info...

200 €

Bowl Beaufort by saint-Louis

Bowl in blue double layer crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Beaufort with a cut pattern.... more info...

100 €

Bowl shape 741 cut 689 by Saint-Louis

Bowl in crystal by Saint-Louis shape 741 cut 689 with a cut pattern of bevels and stars.... more info...

80 €

Openwork bowl Dresden

Openwork bowl in Saxe china of Dresden decorated with hand painted blue and purple flowers.... more info...

150 €

Openwork bowl by Jammet-Seignolles

Openwork bowl in Limoges china hand painted by the decorator Jammet-Seignolles, decorated with pink and gold flowers.... more info...

80 €

Bowl Volga amethyst by Saint-Louis

Bowl in amethyst double layer crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Volga decorated with flat cut and with an amethyst scroll.... more info...

250 €

Bowl Objectif by Baccarat

Bowl in crystal by Baccarat pattern Objectif representing the opening of a lens diaphragm.... more info...

250 €

Table centerpiece Coppelia by Daum

Table centerpiece in crystal by Daum pattern Coppelia with two pink flowers and one purple in pate de verre.... more info...

300 €

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