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How to do


You have got several possibilities.

First solution

As you can see it on the following photo, you can reach all the categories wherever you are on the website.
You just have to overfly the button "Shop" in the menu to see the categories, and to overfly the categories to see the subcategories. Click to list all the objects of the category.

The second solution

Once in the Shop you will see a drop-down menu, at the top left under the menu ( see following photo).
When you will have selected a category, this button will list the subcategories.

Generals informations

This page shows you how to pay with paypal with Credit Card.

All informations about protecting your purchases with PayPal are on the following link:

How to do

Once you click on the button pay with Paypal you will find yourself on a page such as the following picture.
All you have to do is to click on the button surrounded by red "Pay with a card".

You will then arrive on a page such as the following picture, you just have to complete and validate it by clicking on the button Pay now.

In this page we show you how to buy one or several objects on the website.

How to do

First define the desired quantity by clicking in "Qty" ( arrow 1)
then click on the "Add to basket" button ( arrow 2)

You will find yourself in the basket and several choices will be offered to you:
Return to the shop and continue your shopping ( arrow 1).
Place your order ( arrow 2).
Return to the object for any change ( arrow 3).
Delete the object ( arrow 4).
Change the country of destination and know the shipping costs ( arrow 5).
The shipping costs indicated here are the actual costs.
The items in the basket are in no case reserved.

Once you click on the checkout button
You will arrive on a classic page of connection.
You will have the choice to login or create an account.

BE CAREFUL you have to activate your account by the link you will receive by email once this one created.

Once logged in you will be redirected to the basket then you will have to click on order,
     you will then be on a page inviting you to select your delivery address (by default same as the invoicing address).
     You can create up to four differents addresses that will appear then in this page.

You will arrive on a page indicating your purchases, the delivery address, and two buttons to select the payment way.
        The first proposing you to pay with Paypal, and the second by check or transfer.

The payment by check is available only for customer in continental France and for French check.
For the payment by transfer the informations of the account will be communicated to you by Email.

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