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Sherry glass N°5 Coli by Saint-Louis

Sherry glass n°5 in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Coli, with an engraved pattern of frieze and bouquet of flowers.... more info...

10 €
Qty : 4

Watergoblet n°2 Roty engraving 40 by Saint-Louis

Watergoblet n°2 in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Roty engraving to the pantograph number 40, with a frieze of flowers.... more info...

20 €
Qty : 4

Sherry set by Daum

Sherry set in crystal by Daum with a cut pattern.... more info...

150 €

Dessert plate Nippon by René Lalique

Dessert plate in molded glass by Lalique pattern Nippon decorated with pearls circles.... more info...

80 €
Qty : 2

Champagne saucer Vougeot by René Lalique

Champagne saucer in crystal by Lalique pattern Vougeot with a stem decorated by two rings.... more info...

55 €
Qty : 5

Small flatcut vase by Baccarat

Small flatcut vase in cut crystal by Baccarat.... more info...

50 €

Towering Art Deco vase by Baccarat

Towering vase in crystal by Baccarat with an important Art Deco cut pattern.... more info...

230 €

Venini Murano's Art Deco bowl by Martinuzzi

Uncommon and stately Art Deco bowl in Murano's blown glass by Venini, Collection Soffiato by Napoleone Martinuzzi.... more info...

500 €

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