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Champagne bucket Tommy by Saint-Louis

Champagne bucket in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Tommy with an important cut pattern.... more info...

300 €

Wine glass n°3 Saumur by Daum

Wine glass n°3 in crystal by Daum pattern Saumur decorated with a ring on the stem.... more info...

35 €
Qty : 4

Moineau coquet by Lalique

Pretty sparrow in frosted crystal by Lalique pattern Moineau coquet.... more info...

110 €

Decanter Michelangelo by Baccarat

Decanter in crystal by Baccarat pattern Michelangelo with an important engraved pattern.... more info...

120 €

Watergoblet n°2 Talleyrand by Baccarat

Watergoblet n°2 in crystal by Baccarat pattern Talleyrand with flatcuts.... more info...

40 €

Ashtray Tête de lion by Lalique

Ashtray in clear and frosted crystal by Lalique pattern Tête de lion decorated with a lion head.... more info...

150 €

Cordial decanter glass Congress by Saint-Louis

Cordial decanter in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Congress decorated with gold inlays.... more info...

50 €

Four cut Sherry glasses n°5 by Saint-Louis

Set of four Sherry glasses n°5 in crystal by Saint-Louis with a cut pattern.... more info...

50 €

Wine glass hock by Saint-Louis

Wine glass hock in blue double layer crystal by Saint-Louis probably Saint-Louis, with an important cut pattern and a faceted ring.... more info...

40 €
Qty : 5

Pink perfume bottle engraved in the acid by Saint-Louis ( 8,50 in)

Perfume bottle in pink crystal by Saint-Louis with an engraved in the acid pattern and a gold stripe.... more info...

60 €

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