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Wine glass n°4 Bleneau by Daum

Wine glass n°4 in crystal by Daum pattern Bleneau with a cut pattern.... more info...

15 €
Qty : 2

Vase Diva by Baccarat

Vase in crystal by Baccarat pattern Diva, first pattern of lying vase by Baccarat.... more info...

1530 € 1800 €
Save 270 € (-15%)

Cookie jar virginia creeper Art Nouveau by Baccarat

Art Nouveau cookie jar in yellow and red double layer crystal by Baccarat decorated with red virginia creeper on a engraved with the acid yellow honey comb background.... more info...

350 €

Water glass n°2 Langeais by Lalique

Water glass in crystal by Lalique pattern Langeais decorated with a striated and frosted ball on the stem.... more info...

120 €
Qty : 3

Orange bowl with birds of paradise by Baccarat

Bowl in molded doubled, satin and polished crystal by Baccarat decorated with a couple of birds of paradise surrounded by vegetable arabesques on a frosted background.... more info...

297.5 € 350 €
Save 52.5 € (-15%)

Wine glass n°3 Mimosa by Daum

Wine glass n°3 in crystal and pate de verre by Daum pattern Mimosa which the stem in yellow pate de verre represents a mimosa branch.... more info...

150 €
Qty : 2

Eagle head by Lalique

Paperweight in clear and frosted crystal by Lalique pattern Eagle head.... more info...

500 €

Water jug Cléo by Saint-Louis

Water jug in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Cléo with an engraved pattern of arabesques and foliage.... more info...

250 €

Art Nouveau vase with tiger lilies by Baccarat

Art Nouveau vase in green and red double layer crystal by Baccarat pattern with tiger lilies decorated with red gold enhanced tiger lilies on a green engraved with acid background.... more info...

315 € 350 €
Save 35 € (-10%)

Clock Poissons by Daum

Clock in crystal and pate de verre by Daum pattern Poissons which the clock is embedded in an egg in clear crystal overhanging two fishes in blue, purple and amber pate de verre.... more info...

225 € 250 €
Save 25 € (-10%)

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