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Cordial set gold by Saint-Louis

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Cordial set in crystal by Saint-Louis with an acid etched background and with garlands and nodes in gold inlays. Including a tray, two decanters and ten glasses. Moiré background registered by Saint-Louis, used on an orangeade set of the 1940's and more recently on the pattern Melancolie (see photo). Dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Too old to be stamped.
Excellent condition, small signs of use, no accidents.
Tray height: 1,10 in
Length: 12,05 in
Width: 8,54 in
Decanter mean height: 10,94 in
Mean diameter: 2,48 in
Glass mean height: 5,04 in
Mean diameter: 1,22 in
Mean capacity: 1,01 fl oz
Total mean weight : 82.89 oz

Crystal Saint-Louis Cordial glass Cordial decanter

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