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Time, the Trinity, Prudence by Christofle

Sculpture Time, the Trinity, Prudence in silver plated by Christofle representing three stylized faces reflected in each other.... more info...

120 €

Japanese pharmacy jar by Le Tallec

Pharmacy jar in china hand decorated by the workshops Le Tallec decorated with gold Japanese characters and landscapes on an orange background.... more info...

700 €

Pyramidion by Christofle

Pyramid of the 3rd millenium in silver plated by Christofle pattern Pyramidion on which are writted the key dates of our history in French, English and Spanish.... more info...

100 €

Globe by Christofle

Globe in silver plated by Christofle, piece in two parts which allows the globe to rotate on its axis.... more info...

200 €

Openwork bowl Dresden

Openwork bowl in Saxe china of Dresden decorated with hand painted blue and purple flowers.... more info...

120 € 150 €
Save 30 € (-20%)

Openwork bowl by Jammet-Seignolles

Openwork bowl in Limoges china hand painted by the decorator Jammet-Seignolles, decorated with pink and gold flowers.... more info...

64 € 80 €
Save 16 € (-20%)

Blue and gold vase by Giraud

Vase in Limoges china by Giraud decorated with blue and gold flowers and birds.... more info...

60 €

Ashtray Poe by Bernardaud

Hexagonal ashtray in Limoges china by Bernardaud pattern Poe decorated with friezes of leaves and pink and blue flowers.... more info...

30 € 40 €
Save 10 € (-25%)

Vase Serpentin medium by Baccarat

Vase in crystal by Baccarat pattern Serpentin with a twisted shape.... more info...

180 €

Bowl Volga amethyst by Saint-Louis

Bowl in amethyst double layer crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Volga decorated with flat cut and with an amethyst scroll.... more info...

200 € 250 €
Save 50 € (-20%)

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