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Table centerpiece Coppelia by Daum

Table centerpiece in crystal by Daum pattern Coppelia with two pink flowers and one purple in pate de verre.... more info...

300 €

Chouette by Daum

Owl in crystal by Daum pattern Chouette.... more info...

160 €

Duet of poissons lune by Daum

Duet of sunfishes in crystal by Daum pattern Poisson lune big and small.... more info...

300 €

Bowl flower pot Auriac opalescent by Lalique

Bowl flower pot in opalescent crystal by Lalique pattern Auriac, decorated with arabesque frieze.... more info...

300 €

Deer by Lalique

Figure in frosted crystal by Lalique pattern Cerf representing a deer on a pedestal in clear crystal.... more info...

300 €

Round box by Le Tallec

Round box in china of Limoges hand decorated by the workshops Le Tallec, decorated with tainted and enameled polychromes stripes.... more info...

200 €

Pharmacy jar gold inlays by Carpenet

Pharmacy jar in china of Limoges decorated by Carpenet with friezes of arabesques in gold inlays.... more info...

150 €

Wild boar zodiac by Baccarat

Wild boar from the Chinese zodiac in crystal by Baccarat representing a sitting boar.... more info...

120 €

Rectangular box by Le Tallec

Rectangular box in china hand decorated by the workshops Le Tallec, decorated with red, blue and gold stripes and with gold crown of laurels.... more info...

150 €

Elephant by Daum

Figure in grey and amber pate de verre by Daum pattern small elephant, representing a lucky elephant.... more info...

400 €

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