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Candlestick Tranquility by Baccarat

Candlestick in crystal by Baccarat pattern Tranquility, decorated with cut and frosted ovals and strings.... more info...

120 €

Lamp Séoul brun by Bernardaud

Lamp in Limoges china by Bernardaud pattern Séoul brun decorated with a gold Japanese landscape on a brown background.... more info...

250 €

Vase Bagatelle by Lalique

Vase in clear and frosted crystal by Lalique pattern Bagatelle decorated with birds nestled in foliage.... more info...

250 €

Gold Japanese covered vase by Limoges

Covered vase in Limoges china with a gold Japanese pattern.... more info...

180 €

Covered vase Kien Long by Haviland

Covered vase in Limoges china by Haviland pattern Kien Long with a Chinese pattern of polychromes flowers and butterflies on celadon paste.... more info...

250 €

Snow flake by Baccarat

Christmas ornament in crystal by Baccarat pattern Snow flake, pattern created by the designer and sculptor Thomas Bastide in 2012.... more info...

75 €
Qty : 2

Vase Edith by Baccarat

Vase in crystal by Baccarat pattern Edith decorated with flat cut.... more info...

400 €

Wild boar by Baccarat

Wild boar in crystal by Baccarat representing a sitting boar.... more info...

120 €

Vase Art Nouveau with Leontodon by Baccarat 11,42 in

Vase Art Nouveau in crystal by Baccarat Japanese shape pattern with Leontodon with an engraved with the acid background and a hand enameled and polychrome pattern of leontodon.... more info...

500 €

Towering blue vase by Baccarat

Towering vase in blue double layer crystal by Baccarat decorated with cut bevels and diamond tips.... more info...

350 €

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