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Tumbler with foot in engraved crystal by Baccarat or Saint-louis ?

Tumbler with foot in crystal with an important hand-engraved pattern of seaweeds and fishes.... more info...

80 €

Yellow cordial glass 1930 by Saint-Louis

Cordial glass in yellow crystal by Saint-Louis decorated with engraved flowers.... more info...

15 €

Six wine glasses n°3 Chambolle by Baccarat

Set of six wine glasses n°3 in crystal by Baccarat pattern Chambolle decorated with a small engraved stripe around the parison.... more info...

130 €

Highball N°3 Chantilly by Saint-Louis

Highball regular n°3 in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Chantilly with an important cut pattern.... more info...

30 €

Six soup plates platinum Pavie by Bernardaud

Set of six soup plates in Limoges china by Bernardaud pattern platinum Pavie, decorated with cobalt blue and platinum borders.... more info...

120 €

Sherry glasse n°5 Camargue by Saint-Louis

Sherry glasse n°5 in crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Camargue with an important cut pattern.... more info...

15 €
Qty : 3

Blue vase by Saint-Louis 19th

Vase in blue double layer crystal by Saint-Louis with an important engraved pattern of strawberry plant and cyclamen.... more info...

600 €
Qty : 2

Covered vase in china of Paris

Covered vase in china of Paris with an hand painted and hand enameled pattern of polychromes bouquets of flowers on a blue and white background, with a flowered grid on a yellow background and with gold lines.... more info...

300 €
Qty : 2

Six wine glasses hocks Riesling by Saint-Louis

Set of six Rhine wine glasses hocks in double-layer crystal by Saint-Louis pattern Riesling with an important cut pattern of bevels and crosses.... more info...

350 €

Cut bowl by Saint-Louis

Bowl in crystal by Saint-Louis with a cut pattern of palmettes and a star on the bottom.... more info...

100 €

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