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Tumbler Gouvieux ( Rohan) by Baccarat

Tumbler in crystal by Baccarat pattern Gouvieux ( engraved Rohan) with an important engraved pattern.... more info...

40 €
Qty : 2

Small tumbler in engraved crystal by Baccarat or Saint-louis ?

Small tumbler in crystal with an important hand-engraved pattern of seaweeds and fishes.... more info...

70 €

Pink tumbler engraved in the acid by Saint-Louis

Tumbler in pink crystal by Saint-Louis with an engraved in the acid pattern and a gold stripe.... more info...

40 €

Tumbler Cygne Empire by Baccarat

Tumbler in crystal by Baccarat pattern Cygne Empire decorated with an acid engraved frieze, with amphoras, crown of laurels and swans on flowered arabesques.... more info...

20 €

Set of tumblers Nancy by Baccarat ( 2,64 inches)

Set of eight tumblers in crystal by Baccarat pattern Nancy with an important cut pattern of grid.... more info...

120 €

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