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Tea cup with swans by Limoges

Tea cup in china of Limoges by Charles Ahrenfeldt hand painted with swans on a green background, and green and gold garlands and friezes.... more info...

40 €
Qty : 4

Tea cup with japanese pattern by Haviland

Tea cup in china of Limoges by Theodore Haviland decorated with a japanese pattern of polychrome flowers.... more info...

20 €
Qty : 4

Tea cup Nankin by Haviland

Tea cup in Limoges china by Haviland, pattern Nankin decorated with blue and gold flowers.... more info...

30 €

Tea cup by Bernardaud

Tea cup in Limoges china by Bernardaud decorated with grid pattern and gold strips.... more info...

15 €
Qty : 3

Tea cup Holiday in Prag by Thomas

Tea cup in german china by Thomas pattern Holiday in Prag, decorated with a gold enhanced grid on the cup, and a large gold border on the saucer.... more info...

20 €
Qty : 3

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